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  • Schmitz, Peter MU (2012-10)
    This talk will be on the use forensic geography in South African criminal court cases.
  • Krygsman, S; Schmitz, Peter MU (2006-02)
    Data needs of developing countries, particularly in terms of activity and travel data collection, are explored in this poster. This proof-of-concept study revealed that it is indeed possible to obtain detailed individual ...
  • Schmitz, Peter MU (CSIR, 2008-11)
    Use of GIS as a forensic tool to determine linkages and movement of criminals before during and after commiting crimes. Using cellular data to determine acticvity space and possible routes used by criminals
  • Schmitz, Peter MU; Marais, Mario A; De la Rey, A (2006-02)
    This is a concept poster which examines the use of supply chain management in planning and managing large or data-intensive Geographic Information System (GIS) projects. Current management models in GIS are either on an ...
  • Schmitz, Peter MU (2010-07)
    The SCOR model was used to plan and manage the production of a series of maps that were used in the Taliep Petersen murder case. The South African Police Force contracted the CSIR to create space-time maps using cellular ...