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  • McGlinchy, J; Van Aardt, J; Rhody, H; Kerekes, J; Ientiluci, E; Asner, GP; Knapp, D; Mathieu, Renaud SA; Kennedy-Bowdoin, T; Erasmus, BFN; Wessels, Konrad J; Smit, IPJ; Wu, J; Sarrazin, D (2010-07)
    Previous work has shown the ability of waveform LiDAR sensors to accurately describe various land cover types and biomass estimates made in the field. What is lacking, however, is a way to describe the different structural ...
  • Wessels, Konrad J; Mathieu, R; Erasmus, BFN; Asner, GP; Smit, IPJ; Van Aardt, JAN; Mathieu, Renaud SA; Fisher, J; Marais, W; Kennedy-Bowdoin, T; Knapp, DE; Emerson, R; Jacobson, J (Elsevier, 2011-01)
    Millions of people rely on savannas for ecosystem services, such as the provision of grazing and fuel wood, so it is important to determine the extent to which utilization affects woody vegetation resources. Using airborne ...