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  • De Saxe, Christopher C; Berman, Robert J (2018-07)
    The road space utilised by a heavy goods vehicle during low-speed manoeuvring has direct safety and operational implications. This is especially true for vehicles which are longer/wider than usual, such as abnormal loads ...
  • Deiss, J; Kienhöfer, F; Nordengen, Paul A; De Saxe, Christopher C; Berman, Robert J; Steenkamp, Anton J (2018-10)
    Significant benefits have been realised in South Africa from adopting the PBS framework in the form of reduced fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, road wear, trips and crashes. Three representative baseline PBS vehicles were ...
  • Berman, Robert J; Rosman, Benjamin S; Van Niekerk, B; Nordengen, Paul A (2018-10)
    The ever increasing global freight task brings with it a number of challenges for road freight transportation. The combination of high-capacity vehicles and Performance-based Standards (PBS) is proving to be a viable and ...
  • Deiss, JA; Berman, Robert J; Kienhofer, F (2018-09)
    A performance-based standards (PBS) framework evaluates actual on-road performance of a vehicle, allowing the length and mass of a vehicle to exceed prescriptive legislation, without compromising on vehicle safety and ...

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