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  • Naidoo, Darryl; Litvin, Ihar; Forbes, A (Optical Society of America, 2018-07)
    Laser brightness is a measure of the ability to deliver intense light to a target and encapsulates both the energy content and the beam quality. High-brightness lasers require that both parameters be maximized, yet standard ...
  • Ait-Ameur, K; Naidoo, Darryl; Ngcobo, Sandile; Fromager, M; Litvin, I; Hasnaoui, A; Harfouche, A; Forbes, A (SPIE, 2015-02)
    A great number of laser applications need in place of the usual Gaussian beam a flat-top intensity profile in the focal plane of a focusing lens. In general the transformation of the laser beam from the Gaussian to the ...
  • Naidoo, Darryl; Litvin, Ihar; Forbes, A (SPIE, 2017-02)
    We investigate the selection of a flat-top beam and a Gaussian beam inside a laser cavity on opposing mirrors. The concept is tested external to the laser cavity in a single pass and double pass regime where the latter ...
  • Sroor, H; Naidoo, Darryl; Courtial, J; Forbes, A (SPIE, 2018-02)
    Mathematical self-similar fractals manifest identical replicated patterns at every scale. Recently, fractals have found their way into a myriad of applications. In optics, it has been shown that manipulation of unstable ...
  • Sroor, H; Lisa, Nyameko; Naidoo, Darryl; Litvin, Ihar; Forbes, A (American Physical Society, 2018-04)
    Creating high-quality vector vortex (VV) beams is possible with a myriad of techniques at low power, and while a few studies have produced such beams at high power, none have considered the impact of amplification on the ...

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