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Show simple item record Luo, H Vaivars, G Modibedi, M Mathe, M 2010-08-20T09:10:38Z 2010-08-20T09:10:38Z 2009-05
dc.identifier.citation Luo, H, Vaivars, G, Modibedi, M and Mathe, M. 2009. Covalently cross-linked polyetheretherketone proton exchange membrane for DMFC. Electrochemical Society (ECS) Transactions, Vol. 19(31), pp 29-36 en
dc.identifier.issn 1938-5862
dc.description Copyright: 2009 Electrochemical Society en
dc.description.abstract The proton exchange membrane was prepared by covalent cross-linking sulfonated-sulfinated polyetheretherketone. The cross-linked membrane showed high proton conductivity (0.04 S/cm) with suitable water uptake, low methanol permeability (2.21 × 10-7 cm2/s) and good electrochemical stability. The results suggested that cross-linked polyetheretherketone membrane is particularly promising to be used as proton exchange membrane for the direct methanol fuel cell application. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Electrochemical Society en
dc.subject Electrochemicals en
dc.subject Proton exchange membrane en
dc.subject Covalent cross-linking sulfonated-sulfinated polyetheretherketone en
dc.subject Cross-linked polyetheretherketone membrane en
dc.title Covalently cross-linked polyetheretherketone proton exchange membrane for DMFC en
dc.type Article en

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