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Show simple item record De Villiers, Johan P Leuschner, FW Geldenhuys, R 2009-03-09T08:51:37Z 2009-03-09T08:51:37Z 2008-11
dc.identifier.citation De Villiers, JP, Leuschner, FW and Geldenhuys, R. 2008. Centi-pixel accurate real-time inverse distortion correction. Optomechatronic Technologies, Vol. 7266, pp 726611-8 en
dc.identifier.isbn 0277-786X
dc.description Copyright: Proceedings of SPIE en
dc.description.abstract Inverse distortion is used to create an undistorted image from a distorted image. For each pixel in the undistorted image it is required to determine which pixel in the distorted image should be used. However the process of characterizing a lens using a model such as that of Brown, yields a non-invertible mapping from the distorted domain to the undistorted domain. There are three current approaches to solving this: an approximation of the inverse distortion is derived from a low-order version of Brown’s model; an initial guess for the distorted position is iteratively refined until it yields the desired undistorted pixel position; or a look-up table is generated to store the mapping. Each approach requires one to sacrifice either accuracy, memory usage or processing time. This paper shows that it is possible to have real-time, low memory, accurate inverse distortion correction. A novel method based on the re-use of left-over distortion characterization data is combined with modern numerical optimization techniques to fit a high-order version of Brown’s model to characterize the inverse distortion. Experimental results show that, for thirty-two 5mm lenses exhibiting extreme barrel distortion, inverse distortion can be improved 25 fold to 0.013 pixels RMS over the image en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher SPIE en
dc.subject Inverse distortion en
dc.subject Numerical optimization en
dc.subject Distortion characterization en
dc.title Centi-pixel accurate real-time inverse distortion correction en
dc.type Presentation en

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