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Show simple item record Duvenhage, B 2009-02-19T13:57:27Z 2009-02-19T13:57:27Z 2009-02
dc.identifier.citation Duvenhage, B. 2009. Using an implicit min/max KD-Tree for doing efficient terrain line of sight calculations. 6th International Conference on Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Visualisation and Interaction in Africa. Centurion, South Africa, 4 - 6 February 2009, pp 10 en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-60558-428-7
dc.description Copyright: 2004-2008 African Graphics Association en
dc.description.abstract The generation of accurate Line of Sight (LOS) visibility information consumes significant resources in large scale synthetic environments such as many-on-many serious games and battlefield simulators. Due to the importance of optimum utilisation of computing resources, a number of LOS algorithms are reported in the literature to either efficiently compute LOS information or reduce the impact of LOS queries on the run-time performance of synthetic environments. From the literature it is known that a k-dimensional tree (kd-tree) based raytracing approach, to calculating LOS information, is efficient. A new implicit min/max kd-tree algorithm is discussed for evaluating LOS queries on large scale spherical terrain. In particular the value of low resolution boundary information, in quickly evaluating the LOS query, is emphasised. The min/max algorithm is empirically compared to other LOS approaches that have either implicitly or explicitly used kd-trees to optimise LOS query evaluation. The min/max algorithm is shown to have comparable performance to these existing LOS algorithms for flat earth, but improved performance when the application domain is extended to spherical earth. An average of a factor 3.0 performance increase is experienced over that of the existing implicit and explicit max kd-tree algorithms on spherical earth. This is achieved by combining the existing kd-tree algorithm with the classic smooth-earth LOS obscuration test and from there the min in min/max kd-tree en
dc.description.sponsorship This paper has been published on DVD under ACM Copyright en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher African Graphics Association en
dc.subject Line of sight en
dc.subject Implicit kd-tree en
dc.subject Spherical earth en
dc.title Using an implicit min/max KD-Tree for doing efficient terrain line of sight calculations en
dc.type Presentation en

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