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Strategic research management


Recent Submissions

  • Waldeck, L (2012-10)
    In this talk, the authro describes how the platform, currently consisting of UrbanSim and MATSim (both open source software) is being adapted to South African conditions, how it has been validated in three metropolitan ...
  • Trotter, D (2012-10)
    In this presentation the author explores the key issues around the 'green economy' and its implications for a developing country like South Africa.
  • Velthausz, D (2012-10)
    In this presentation the author outlines the 'smart world' concept and how technology (smart infrastructure, analytics) can foster smarter cities, smarter regions and a smarter world.
  • Scholes, RJ; Anderson, F; Kenyon, C; Napier, J; Ngoepe, P; Van Wilgen, BW; Weaver, A (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2008-11)
    The CSIR celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006 by taking a long, hard look at its continuing role in South Africa. This paper was written by the CSIR Fellows, at the invitation of the Department of Science and Technology, ...
  • Moolman, S (2002-06)
    This paper entails patents related to active beads containing encapsulated ingredients, patents cited by International Search Report on previous application and US patents related to suspension of inclusions in beverages