River research programme

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dc.identifier.citation Ferrar, AA, O'keeffe, JH and Davies, BR. River research programme. National Scientific Programmes Unit: CSIR, SANSP Report 146, 1988, pp 33 en
dc.identifier.isbn 0-7988-4128-1
dc.description.abstract The need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary research programme for river ecosystems is described. The scope of the programme needs to include basic descriptions of a systems and biota, the testing and development of functional theory and the solution of practical management and conservation problems. Justification for the programme is centred around the need to determine with greater precision the minimum flow requirements of regulated rivers. Several topics are addressed: the characteristics of South African rivers, described in terms of headwater, middle and lower reach zones; differences between local rivers and those of well studied areas in the Northern Hemisphere are emphasized; current theories on the functioning of river ecosystems are briefly introduced; a general review of the problems that managers have in resolving the need for water by people and the maintenance of ecological functions in provided; and finally, an administrative context for the management of a foundation for research development rivers research programme is set out, together with an analysis of the general approach of the programme and a list of research priorities en
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dc.publisher National Scientific Programmes Unit: CSIR en
dc.relation.ispartofseries CSIR en
dc.subject SANSP en
dc.subject Rivers en
dc.subject Research en
dc.subject Biota en
dc.subject Ecosystems en
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dc.title River research programme en
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