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Title: Role of alpha-glucosidase in the fermentable sugar composition of sorghum malt mashes
Authors: Taylor, JRN
Dewar, J
Keywords: Sorghum malt
Malt extracts
Issue Date: Nov-1994
Publisher: Institute of Brewing
Citation: Taylor, JRN and Dewar, J. 1994. Role of alpha-glucosidase in the fermentable sugar composition of sorghum malt mashes. Journal of the Institute of Brewing, vol. 100(6), pp 417-419
Abstract: The cause of the high glucose to maltose ratio in sorghum malt worts was studied. Mashing temperature and pH strongly affected both the amount of glucose and the proportion of glucose relative to total fermentable sugars. The relative proportion of glucose was higher when mashing was performed. at pH 4.0, close to the pH optimum for sorghum alpha-glucosidase, than at the natural pH of the mash (pH 5.0-5.5). Mashing according to the EBC procedure using enzymic malt extract with pre-cooked malt insoluble solids producing a wort containing maltose and glucose in an approximately 4:1 ratio, whereas mashing with a malt extract without pre-cooking the malt insoluble solids resulted in a wort with approximately equal amounts of maltose and glucose. Both treatments gave the same quantity of total fermentable sugars and amount of wort extract. Sorghum alpha-glucosidase was confirmed to be highly insoluble in water. All or virtually all activity was associated with the insoluble solids. Hence, it appears that the high amount of glucose formed when sorghum malt is mashed conventionally is due to alpha-glucosidase activity. Pre-cooking the malt insoluble solids inactivates the alpha-glucosidase, preventing the hydrolysis of maltose to glucose.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10204/2032
ISSN: 0046-9750
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