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South African national scientific programmes


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Recent Submissions

  • Sharma, Shikar; Berman, Robert; Kuduntwane, Poloko (University of Surrey, 2015-04)
    To support the South African National Defence Force with their vehicle mobility needs, the CSIR has begun characterising tyres by using a medium, trailer-type, tyre test rig. Two different Pacejka tyre models were generated ...
  • Nickless, A; Scholes, B; Brunke, E (2012-10)
    Calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from an area is usually done by adding up all the known sources. Some can be missed, and others under-reported. But there is now a way to conduct an independent check. By measuring ...
  • Cho, Moses A; Debba, Pravesh; Mathieu, R; Ramoelo, Abel; Naidoo, L; Van Deventer, Heidi; Malahlela, O; Mathieu, Renaud SA (2012-10)
    The Earth Observation for Biodiversity Assessment (EO-BA) programme is designed to enhance biodiversity assessment and conservation through the application of earth observation data, with particular focus on the African ...
  • Szewczuk, S; Clausen, N-E (2012-10)
    South African innovation and ingenuity has resulted in a totally indigenous 300 kW wind turbine that has been designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of the African continent.
  • Szewczuk, S (2012-10)
    Wind energy-based systems is the subject of this talk.
  • Roos, T (2012-10)
    This presentation details the development of a 500kW thermal concentrating solar research facility at the CSIR.
  • Pienaar, H (2012-10)
    In this talk the author focuses on the role of science in the context of ensuring current and future water security.
  • Gardiner, D (2012-10)
    In this presentation the author provides an overview of health R&D within the CSIR, and how the organisation is responding to challenges faced by the health care sector.
  • Trotter, D (2012-10)
    In this presentation the author explores the key issues around the 'green economy' and its implications for a developing country like South Africa.
  • Branch, WR (1988)
    This multi-authored volume provide red data sheet for 93 species of threatened reptiles and amphibians, found within South Africa(including the national states of Venda, Bophuthatswana, Ciskei and Transkei, and the adjacent ...
  • Cowling, RM; Roux, PW (1987)
    The karoo biome comprises the arid and semi-arid dwarf shrub lands and open grassland of South Africa. In comparison to other South African biomes, ecological patterns and processes in this biom are poorly understood, ...
  • Branch, GM; Shackleton, LY (1988)
    This report contains papers presented at a workshop on research needs in the Transkei and Ciskei coastal zones held at Mpekweni, Ciskei on 3 March 1988. The discussion which followed is summarized, and legislatives, ...
  • Hecht, T; Uys, W; Britz, PJ (1988)
    The report presents the proceeding of a two-day workshop held on the sharptooth catfish farm 'Moirah' of Mr. W Uys in the Eastern Transvaal in the late January 1988. The overall aim of the workshop was to synthesize the ...
  • Baird, D; Marais, JFK; Martin, AP (1988)
    The Swartkops estuary has been an object of the study for many years and research results obtained during the past 30 years were considered at a symposium in 1987. This report documents the proceeding of this symposium as ...
  • Van der Zel, DW (1988)
    Even after 300 years of indigenous forest protection as well as 100 years of plantation forestry, no forestry map of South Africa was available. The development and availability of LANDSAT images in the early 1970s opened ...
  • Butterworth, DS; Punt, AE; Borchers, DL; Pugh, JB; Hughes, GS (1989)
    This manual contains an expanded version of material presented at a linefish population dynamics workshop held in Cape Town in February 1987. First the statistical procedures for fitting curves to data are discussed. The ...
  • Paterson-Jones, JC (1989)
    This report describes the results of the biological utilization of Bagasse programme, a programme of the CSIR's foundation for research development, aimed at developing and evaluating the expertise and technology for ...
  • Braune, E; Roger, KH (1987)
    The vaal river catchments contains South African's economic heartland, the Pretoria -Witwatersrand-Vereeniging (PWV) complex. Although the catchments only produces eight per cent of the mean annual runoff of the country ...
  • Walmsley, RD (1988)
    This report presents a rationale to the development of a multi-disciplinary South African wetland research programme. A definition of what is meant by the term wetland is given along with a general description of what types ...
  • Ferrar, AA; O'Keeffe, JH; Davies, BR (Foundation for research development, 1988)
    The need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary research programme for river ecosystems is described. The scope of the programme needs to include basic descriptions of systems and biota, the testing and development of ...

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