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Title: Factors influencing beta-amylase activity in sorghum malt
Authors: Taylor, JRN
Robbins, DJ
Keywords: Isoelectric focusing
Sorghum malt
Germinating Conditions
Issue Date: Sep-1993
Publisher: Journal of the Institute of Brewing
Citation: Taylor, JRN and Robbins, DJ. 1993. Factors influencing beta-amylase activity in sorghum malt. Journal of the Institute of Brewing, vol. 99(5), pp 413-416
Abstract: An investigation into factors influencing beta-amylase activity in sorghum malt confirmed that ungerminated sorghum grain exhibited essentially no beta-amylase activity. Malted sorghum had beta-amylase activity less than 25% of the level in barley malt. Neither reducing agents nor papa in affected beta-amylase activity in sorghum, indicating that the enzyme is not in a bound form, unlike in barley. Isoelectric focusing indicated that sorghum beta-amylase comprises just one major and one minor isozyme of pI approximately 4.4-4.5, unlike the many isozymes all of higher pI in barley. However, like barley, sorghum beta-amylase was more temperature-labile than its alpha-amylase. Beta-amylase activity in sorghum malt was increased by germination time, high germination moisture and over the germination temperature range investigated (24-32-degrees-C), 24-degrees-C gave the highest activity. The beta-amylase activity of sorghum malts was significantly correlated with malt diastatic power, despite the fact that alpha-amylase and not beta-amylase is the predominant diastatic enzyme in sorghum malt.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10204/1931
ISSN: 0046-9750
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