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Title: 2006 Fynmeet sea clutter measurement trial: Datasets
Other Titles: Dataset CAD14-001-CSC14-001
Dataset CFA14-001-CFE14-001
Dataset CFA16-001-CFA16-022
Dataset CFA16-023-CFA16-024
Dataset CFA17-001-CSC17-001
Dataset CFA18-001-CFC18-018
Dataset CFC11-001-CSC11-005
Dataset CFC14-010-CFC14-021
Dataset CFC16-001-CFC16-021
Dataset CSC18-003-CSC18-018
Dataset TAC15-001-TSC15-008
Dataset TAD17-001-TSC17-004
Dataset TFA10-001-TSC10-002
Dataset TFA17-001-TFC17-006
Dataset TFC15-001-TFC15-019
Dataset TFC15-020-TFC15-047
Dataset TSC08-001-TSF08-001
Authors: Herselman, PLR
Keywords: Fynmeet sea clutter measurement trial
Remote sensing
Issue Date: 6-Sep-2007
Publisher: CSIR
Citation: Herselman, PLR. 2007. 2006 Fynmeet sea clutter measurement trial: Datasets. CSIR, 06 September 2007
Abstract: This document provides an overview for the datasets (or subset thereof) recorded between July and August 2006 as part of the Fynmeet Sea Clutter Measurement Trial conducted at the Overberg Test Range at Arniston, South Africa. The trial was conducted over the period from 18 July to 4 August 2006. These datasets have been stored in structured Mathworks Matlab (*.mat) files and will be made available to research institutes or universities upon request.
Description: Coypright: CSIR
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10204/1847
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