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  • Falkowski, P; Scholes, RJ; Boyle, E; Canadell, J; Canfield, D; Elser, J; Gruber, N; Hibbard, K; Hogberg, P; Linder, S; Mackenzie, FT; Moore, B; Pedersen, T; Rosenthal, Y; Seitzinger, S; Smetacek, V; Steffen, W (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2000-10-13)
    Motivated by the rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 due to the human activities since the industrial revolution, several international scientific research programs have analyzed the role of individual components of the earth ...
  • Lenton, A; Tilbrook, B; Law, RM; Bakker, D; Doney, SC; Gruber, N; Ishii, M; Hoppema, M; Lovenduski, NS; Matear, RJ; McNeil, BI; Metzl, N; Mikaloff Fletcher, SE; Monteiro, PMS; Rodenbeck, C; Sweeney, C; Takahashi, T (European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2013)
    The Southern Ocean (44–75° S) plays a critical role in the global carbon cycle, yet remains one of the most poorly sampled ocean regions. Different approaches have been used to estimate sea–air (sub2) fluxes in this region: ...
  • Gruber, N; Körtzinger, A; Borges, A; Claustre, H; Doney, SC; Feely, RA; Hood, M; Ishii, M; Kozyr, A; Monteiro, P; Nojiri, Y; Sabine, CL; Schuster, U; Wallace, DWR; Wanninkhof, R (Ocean OBS 09, 2009-09)
    Ocean biogeochemical cycles are currently undergoing fundamental changes – largely as a consequence of the addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The oceans are getting warmer, and their pH and oxygen levels are ...

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