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  • Napier, JAL; Malan, DF; Sellers, E; Daehnke, A; Hildyard, MW; Dede, T; Shou, K-J (1998-12)
    The investigation of the behaviour of the fracture zone surrounding deep level gold mine stopes is detailed in three main sections of this report. Section 2 outlines the ongoing study of fundamental fracture process and ...
  • Napier, JAL; Hildyard, MW; Kuijpers, JS; Daehnke, A; Sellers, EF; Malan, F; Siebrits, E; Ozbay, MU; Dede, T; Turner, PA (1995-12)
    Control of the rock mass deformation near deep level stopes and the avoidance of damaging incidents of violent rock failure require a fundamental understanding of rock failure mechanisms. Research work to gain this ...
  • Napier, JAL; Hildyard, MW; Kuijpers, JS; Daehnke, A; Sellers, EF; Malan, F; Siebrits, E; Ozbay, MU; Dede, T; Turner, PA (1995-12)
    Modelling of failure processes in rock is an essential adjustment to the analysis of observations of underground rock fracturing. The identification of mechanisms of deformation represents a basic step in understanding of ...
  • Daehnke, A; Watson, BP; Roberts, David P; Acheampong, E; Van Zyl, M (2000-03)
    This project investigates the mechanisms of the rotation and oblique movement of blocks, and analyses the capabilities of elongates to support such unstable blocks. To this end, theoretical, laboratory and underground ...
  • Milev, AM; Spottiswoode, SM; Noble, BR; Linzer, LM; Van Zyl, M; Daehnke, A; Acheampong, E (2002-03)
    The aim of this project is optimization of rockburst support systems by the systematic evaluation and quantification of the peak particle velocity recorded underground.
  • Daehnke, A; Le Bron, KB; Van Zyl, M (1999-10)
    The aim of this project is to formulate a basis for quantifying support mechanisms, and specifically to gain insights into the influence of rock discontinuities on stable spans. The work gives a preliminary analysis of the ...
  • Daehnke, A; Andersen, LM; De Beer, D; Esterhuizen, GS; Glisson, FJ; Grodner, MW; Hagan, TO; Jaku, EP; Kuijpers, JS; Kullmann, AV; Peake, PS; Piper, PS; Quaye, GB; Reddy, N; Roberts, MKC; Schweitzer, JK; Stewart, RD; Wallmach, T (1998-12)
    The primary output of this report was the determination of geotechnical areas across the gold and platinum mines to form the basis for future understanding of the rock mass behaviour around reefs where the hanging wall and ...

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