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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Guidelines for human settlement planning and design: The red bookCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR
Sep-2011Guidelines for integrated catchments monitoring: ICM mind map development and demonstrationJovanovic, N; Israel, S; Petersen, C; Bugan, RDH; Tredoux, G; De Clerc, WP; Rose, R; Conrad, J; Demlie, M
Aug-2012Guidelines for procedures of a harmonised digital forensic process in network forensicsSibiya, G; Venter, HS; Ngobeni, S; Fogwill, T
Feb-1986Guidelines for setting speed limitsWium, DJW; Ribbens, H
Jul-1997Guidelines for the development of training manuals focused on the safer use of underground machinery.Purdy, G; Van Breda, C; Strohbach, H; Raath, JB; Godfrey, H; Kruger, M
Jan-1978Guidelines for the disposal of dangerous and toxic wastes so as to minimize or prevent environmental and water pollutionRudd, RT
Nov-2001Guidelines for the integrated planning and design of underground coal mines.Fourie, GA; Van Niekerk, DJ
Mar-1993Guidelines for upgrading of low volume roadsDivision of Roads and Transport Technology CSIR; Jordaan & Joubert Inc.
Dec-1984Guide to the literature on research in the grassland biome of South AfricaTainton, MN
Jan-1968Guide to the use of pond systems in South Africa for the purification of raw and partially treated sewageMeiring, PGJ; Drews, RJLC; Van Eck, H; Stander, GJ
Oct-2015Gum ghatti and poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) based biodegradable hydrogel-evaluation of the flocculation and adsorption propertiesMittal, H; Maity, A; Ray, SS
Feb-2016Gum karaya based hydrogel nanocomposites for the effective removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solutionsMittala, H; Maity, A; Sinha Sinha Ray, S
2007Gums, badgers, and economicsVan Wilgen, BW
Jul-2007Gyroscopic effects in vibrating fluid-filled spheres subjected to inertial rotationShatalov, MY; Joubert, SV; Coetzee, CE; Fedotov, I
May-2009Hadeda: the noisy way to practice spelling vocabulary using a cell phoneButgereit, LL; Botha, A
Sep-2006Haemozoin (B-haematin) biomineralization occurs by self-assembly near the lipid/water interfaceEgan, TJ; Chen, JY-J; De Villiers, KA; Mabotha, TE; Naidoo, KJ; Ncokazi, KK; Langford, SJ; McNaughton, D; Pandiancherri, S; Wood, BR
Nov-2006Halfphones: a backoff mechanism for Diphone Unit Selection SynthesisLouw, JA; Davel, M
May-2010Hand based visual intent recognition algorithm for wheelchair motionLuhandjula, T; Djouani, K; Hamam, Y; Van Wyk, BJ; Williams, Q
Apr-1996Handbook to reduce the exposure of workers to dust.Meyer, C; Du Plessis, JJL; Oberholzer, JW
Jun-2008Handcrafted physical syntax elements for illiterate children: initial conceptsSmith, AC
Showing results 3191 to 3210 of 7901
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