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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008Helicopter parameter extraction using joint Time-Frequency and Tomographic TechniquesCilliers, A; Nel, WAJ
Oct-2008Helping air quality managers identify vulnerable communitiesWright, C; Diab, RD; Binedell, ML
Nov-2012Herbaceous biomass predication from environmental and remote sensing indicatorsDudeni-Tlhone, N; Ramoelo, A; Debba, P; Cho, MA; Mathieu, R
May-2010Heterogeneous electron transfer and oxygen reduction reaction at nanostructured iron(II) phthalocyanine and its MWCNTs nanocompositesMamuru, SA; Ozoemena, KI
Jan-2010Heterogeneous electron transfer kinetics and electrocatalytic behaviour of mixed self-assembled ferrocenes and SWCNT layersNkosi, D; Pillay, J; Ozoemena, KI; Nouneh, K; Oyama, M
2008Heterologous expression of plasmodial proteins for structural studies and functional annotationBirkholtz, LM; Blatch, G; Coetzer, TL; Hoppe, HC; Human, E; Morris, EJ; Ngcete, Z; Oldfield, LC; Roth, RL; Shonhai, A; Stephens, L; Louw, AI
Sep-2006Heterologous expression of trametes versicolor laccase in pichia pastoris and aspergillus nigerBohlin, C; Jonsson, LJ; Roth, RL; Van Zyl, WH
Feb-1984Heuningnes (CSW19)Bickerton, IB
May-2010Heuristic attacks against graphical password generatorsPeach, S; Vorster, J; Van Heerden, R
Jul-2014Heuristic space diversity management in a meta-hyper-heuristic frameworkGrobler, J; Engelbrecht, AP; Kendall, G; Yadavalli, VSS
Jul-2014Heuristic space diversity management in a meta-hyper-heuristic frameworkGrobler, J; Engelbrecht, AP; Kendall, G; Yadavalli, VSS
Oct-2009Hexenuronic acid in South African Eucalyptus hybrid clones: optimization of the acid hydrolysis (A) stageAndrew, JE; Grzeskowiak, V; Kerr, I
2001High-accuracy interferometric measurements of flatness and parallelism of a step gaugeKruger, OA
Mar-2013High average power 1314 nm Nd:YLF laser, passively Q-switched with V:YAGBotha, RC; Strauss, HJ; Bollig, C; Koen, W; Collett, O; Kuleshov, NV; Esser, MJD; Combrinck, L; Von Bergmann, HM
Sep-2011High compliance randomized controlled field trial of solar disinfection of drinking water and its impact on childhood diarrhea in rural CambodiaMcGuigan, KG; Samaiyar, P; Du Preez, M; Conroy, RM
Mar-2012A high-content subtractive screen for selecting small molecules affecting internalization of GPCRsKwon, Y-J; Lee, W; Genovesio, A; Emans, N
May-2009High-density spore production of a B. cereus aquaculture biological agent by nutrient supplementationLalloo, R; Maharajh, D; Gorgens, J; Gardiner, NS; Gorgens, JF
Jul-2012High dimensional entanglementMcLaren, M; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
Oct-2010High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters from polyester and polypropylene fibre nonwovensBoguslavsky, L
Jul-2012High Efficient LGp0 End Pumped Nd:YAG LaserNgcobo, S; Forbes, A; Ait-Ameur, K
Showing results 2980 to 2999 of 7227
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