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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1993Electronic publishing: electric book or battery brochure?Van Wyk, J
Jul-2008Electron migration and stability of dye solar cellsLe Roux, L; Hietkamp, S
Dec-2011Electron spin resonance study of a-Cr2O3 and Cr2O3·nH2O quasi-spherical nanoparticlesKhamlich, S; Srinivasu, VV; Nemraoui, O; McCrindle, R; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
2010Electron transfer dynamics across self-assembled N-(2-mercaptoethyl) octadecanamide/mycolic acid layers: impedimetric insights into the structural integrity and interaction with anti-mycolic acid antibodiesOzoemena, KI; Mathebula, NS; Pillay, J; Toschi, G; Verschoor, JA
Jun-2010Electron transport and electrocatalytic properties of MWCNT/nickel nanocomposites: hydrazine and diethylaminoethanethiol as analytical probesAdekunle, AS; Ozoemena, KI
1994Electroosmotically enhanced sludge dewatering-pilot-plant studySmollen, M; Kafaar, A
20-Aug-1997Electro-osmotic pumping of sodium chloride solutionsSchoeman, JJ; van Staden, JF
2008Electro-oxidation of methanol at multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with metal nanoparticlesMaxakato, NW; Ozoemena, KI; Arendse, CJ
Aug-2014Electrospun chitosan-based nanocomposite mats reinforced with chitin nanocrystals for wound dressingNaseria, N; Algana, C; Jacobs, V; John, M; Oksmana, K; Mathew, AP
2010Electrospun chitosan nanofibre membranes for antimicrobial application: role of electrospinning processing parametersJacobs, V; Patanaik, A; Anandjiwala, RD
May-2012Electrospun nylon fibers for the improvement of mechanical properties and for the control of degradation behaviour of poly(lactide)-based compositesNeppalli, R; Marega, C; Marigo, A; Bajgai, MP; Kim, HY; Sinha Ray, S; Causina, V
Jul-2011Electrosynthesised metal (Ni, Fe, Co) oxide films on single-walled carbon nanotube platforms and their supercapacitance in acidic and neutral pH mediaAdekunle, AS; Ozoemena, KI
Oct-2005Electrowinning molten titanium from titanium dioxideVan Vuuren, DS; Engelbrecht, AD; Hadley, TD
Mar-2012Element sharing in interleaved antenna arraysDu Plessis, WP; Kitching, C; Bin Ghannam, A
2008Elephant management: a scientific assessment of South AfricaScholes, RJ; Mennell, K
Nov-2008Elicitor and fusarium-induced expression of NPR-1 like genes in bananaEndah, R; Beyene, G; Kiggundu, A; Van den Berg, N; Schlüter, U; Kunert, K; Chikwamba, RK
Nov-2012Eliminating the empty bus syndrome by understanding dynamic travel behaviourMokonyama, M
Nov-2011Elimination of water pathogens with solar radiation using an automated sequential batch CPC reactorPolo-López, MI; Fernández-Ibánez, P; Ubomba-Jaswa, E; Navntoft, C; García-Fernández, I; Dunlop, PSM; Schmid, M; Byrne, JA; McGuigan, KG
Aug-2011Elim Workshop Proceedings: Improving coordination and integration of agricultural land use in restitution areas of Makhado MunicipalityNortje, K; Musvoto, C; Murambadoro, M
Nov-2008Elucidating antimalarial drug targets/mode-of-action by application of system biology technologiesBecker, J; Mtwisha, L; Crampton, B; Mancama, D
Showing results 1968 to 1987 of 6676
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