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  • Young, R; Gomez, MH; McDonough, CM; Waniska, RD; Rooney, LW (American Association Cereal Chemists, 1993-03)
    Sorghum grains varying in grain hardness or endosperm texture (soft and intermediate) and starch composition (nonwaxy and waxy) were parboiled. Whole grain (one volume) and water (three volumes) were boiled, soaked for 12 ...
  • Dlamini, NR; Dykes, L; Rooney, LW; Waniska, RD; Taylor, JRN (American Association of Cereal Chemists, 2009-07)
    The profile and quantities of condensed tannins (CT) in foods are affected by processing due to their highly reactive nature, which may affect their antioxidant activity and the nutritional value of the foods. The objective ...