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  • Schlünz, Georg I; Wilken, Ilana; Moors, Carmen; Gumede, Tebogo; Van der Walt, Willem J; Calteaux, Karen V; Tönsing, K; Van Niekerk, K (ACM Digital Library, 2017-09)
    Persons with certain disabilities face barriers to information access and interpersonal communication. Assistive technologies provide workaround solutions to these problems. Augmentative and alternative communication systems ...
  • Henshilwood, C; D'Errico, F; Vanhaeren, M; Van Niekerk, K; Jacobs, Z (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2004-04-16)
    There are two competing models for the emergence of modern human behaviour: first, a late emergence in Africa or Eurasia similar to 50 to 40 thousand years ago and second, and a gradual transition in Africa between 250 to ...