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  • Paasche, H; Eberle, D; Das, Sonali; Cooper, Antony K; Debba, Pravesh; Dietrich, P; Dudeni-Thlone, N; Gläßer, C; Kijko, A; Knobloch, A; Lausch, A; Meyer, U; Smit, A; Stettler, A; Werban, U (Springer Verlag, 2013-11)
    This article reflects discussions German and South African Earth scientists, statisticians and risk analysts had on occasion of two bilateral workshops on Data Integration Technologies for Earth System Modelling and Resource ...
  • Uys, H; Akhalwaya, I; Botha, N; Burd, S; Hendriks, A; Madigoe, R; Ombinda, S; Smit, A; Kloppers, H; Steyn, J; Botha, L (2012-10)
    In this presentation the authors discuss the technological relevance of quantum mechanics, and describe how researchers use light to control the atomic and molecular world at its most fundamental level.
  • Madigoe, RJ; Botha, LR; Uys, H; Rohwer, EG; Smit, A (2012-10)
    According to a theoretical analysis, the control landscape of many quantum control problems has a very favourable topology regardless of the detailed nature of the Hamiltonian, provided that one has full control of the ...