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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Active object recognition using vocabulary treesGovender, N; Claassens, J; Nicolls, F; Warrell, J
Nov-2009Alternative confidence measure for local matching stereo algorithmsNdhlovu, T; Nicolls, F
2014Cascading neural networks for upper-body gesture recognitionMangera, R; Senekal, F; Nicolls, F
Nov-2011Effects of lens distortion calibration patterns on the accuracy of monocular 3D measurementsDe Villiers, J; Wilson, F; Nicolls, F
Apr-2011An Optical tracker for the maritime environmentBachoo, AK; Le Roux, F; Nicolls, F
2015Probabilistic active recognition of multiple objects using Hough-based geometric matching featuresGovender, N; Warrell, J; Keaikitse, M; Torr, P; Nicolls, F
Aug-2014Probabilistic models for 2D active shape recognition using Fourier descriptors and mutual informationGovender, N; Warrell, J; Torr, P; Nicolls, F
Sep-2013Probabilistic object and viewpoint models for active object recognitionGovender, N; Warrell, J; Torr, P; Nicolls, F
Apr-2011Quantitative analysis of the improvement in high zoom maritime tracking due to real-time image enhancementBachoo, AK; De Villiers, JP; Nicolls, F; Le Roux, PJ
Nov-2007Range and intensity vision for rock-scene segmentationMkwelo, SG; Nicolls, F; De Jager, G
Nov-2007Range sections as rock models for intensity rock scene segmentationMkwelo, S; De Jager, G; Nicolls, F
Apr-2012A study of the sensitivity of long-range passive ranging techniques to atmospheric scintillationDe Villiers, J; Wilson, F; Nicolls, F
Nov-2015A study on the effect of different image centres on stereo triangulation accuracyDe Villiers, J; Jermy, R; Nicolls, F
Nov-2014A study on the sensitivity of photogrammetric camera calibration and stitchingDe Villiers, J; Nicolls, F
Nov-2011Using temporal seeding to constrain the disparity search range in stereo matchingNdhlovu, T; Nicolls, F
May-2014A versatile photogrammetric camera automatic calibration suite for multi-spectral fusion and optical helmet trackingDe Villiers, J; Jermy, R; Nicolls, F
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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