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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2011Carbon supported Pd-Ni and Pd-Ru-Ni nanocatalysts for the alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC)Modibedi, M; Mathe, MK; Ozoemena, KI
May-2009Covalently cross-linked polyetheretherketone proton exchange membrane for DMFCLuo, H; Vaivars, G; Modibedi, M; Mathe, M
Jul-2009Cross-lined PEEK proton exchange membranes for fuel cell - Conference PosterLuo, H; Vaivars, G; Modibedi, M; Mathe, M
Sep-2011Crystalline thin films: The electrochemical atomic layer deposition (ECALD) viewModibedi, M
Nov-2007Effect of P on the electrochemical activity of carbon supported Pt-Ru alloy catalyst for methanol oxidation.Mohlala, M; Modibedi, M; Mathe, MK
2012Electrocatalysis research for fuel cells and hydrogen productionMathe, MK; Mkwizu, T; Modibedi, M
Jul-2012Electrochemical atomic layer deposition of Pt nanostructures on carbon paper and Ni foam; posterLouw, EK; Modibedi, M; Ozoemena, K; Mathe, M
Dec-2010Electrochemical atomic layer deposition of Pt nanostructures on fuel cell gas diffusion layerModibedi, M; Mkwizu, T; Kunjuzwa, N; Ozoemena, K; Mathe, M
Apr-2013Electrochemical deposition and characterization of platinum on carbon paper and Ni foamLouw, E; Modibedi, M; Cele, L; Ozeomena, K; Mathe, M
May-2014Electrodeposited Cu2ZnSnS4 thin filmsValdes, M; Modibedi, M; Mathe, M; Hillie, T; Vazquez, M
Mar-2013Electro-deposition of Pd on Carbon paper and Ni foam via surface limited redox-replacement reaction for oxygen reduction reaction: PresentationModibedi, M; Louw, E; Mathe, M; Ozoemena, K
Mar-2013Fuel cell activities at the CSIR: PresentationModibedi, M
Jul-2013Fuel cell catalysts and membrane development at the CSIR: PresentationModibedi, M
May-2008Fuel cell electrodes: Electrochemical characterization and electrodeposition of Pt nanoparticlesModibedi, M
1-Apr-2015A high selectivity quaternized polysulfone membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cellsAbuin, GC; Franceschini, EA; Nonjola, P; Mathe, MK; Modibedi, M; Corti, HR
Jun-2009Methanol electro-oxidation on Pt-Ru-P/C and Pt-Ru-P/MWCNT in acidic mediumModibedi, M; Masombuka, T; Hietkamp, S; Mathe, M
Nov-2012Microwave-assisted pechini synthesis of Pd-Ni nanocatalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline mediumRohwer, M; Ozoemena, K; Modibedi, M
31-Aug-2010Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and sulfonated polyetheretherketone (SPEEK) anion exchange membrane for fuel cellLuo, H; Modibedi, M; Ramulifho, T; Mathe, M
Nov-2007Preparation and characterization of anode catalysts for the direct alcohol fuel cells (DAFC): methanol and ethanolModibedi, M; Masombuka, T; Mohlala, M; Mathe, M
Nov-2007Preparation and characterization of Pt-Sn/C and Pt-Ir/C catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of ethanol in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellMasombuka, T; Mkwizu, TS; Modibedi, M; Mathe, MK
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21
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