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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Additive role of attapulgite nanoclay on carbonyl iron-based magnetorheological suspensionChae, HS; Piao, SH; Maity, A; Choi, HJ
Jan-2015The adsorption of Pb(sup2+) and Cu(sup2+) onto gum ghatti-grafted poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile) biodegradable hydrogel: isotherms and kinetic modelsMittal, H; Maity, A; Ray, SS
Jul-2012Arsenic(III) sorption on nanostructured cerium incorporated manganese oxide (NCMO): a physical insight into the mechanistic pathwayGupta, K; Bhattachary, S; Nandi, D; Dhar, A; Maity, A; Mukhopadhyay, A; Chattopadhyay, DJ; Ray, NR; Sen, P; Ghosh, UC
7-Jun-2013Chromium(VI) removal from water using fixed bed column of polypyrrole/Fe3O4 nanocompositeBhaumik, M; Setshedi, K; Maity, A; Onyango, M.S
Sep-2015Development of a reduced-graphene-oxide based superparamagnetic nanocomposite for the removal of nickel (II) from an aqueous medium via a fluorescence sensor platformNandi, D; Saha, I; Ray, SS; Maity, A
Oct-2012Development of thermoresponsive non-woven 3D scaffold for smart cell cultureMahlangu, T; Chetty, A; Maity, A; Rossouw, C
Feb-2013Development of thermoresponsive poly(propylene-g-N-isopropylacrylamide) non-woven 3D scaffold for smart cell culture using oxyfluorination-assisted graft polymerisationChetty, AS; Vargha, V; Maity, A; Moolman, FS; Rossouw, C; Anandjiwala, R; Boguslavsky, L; Mancama, D; Focke, WW
Aug-2015Effective removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solution using gum ghatti-based biodegradable hydrogelMittal, H; Maity, A; Ray, SS
2014Effect of process parameters on removal and recovery of Cd(II) and Cu(II) from electroplating wastewater by fixed-bed column of nano-dimensional titanium (IV) oxide agglomeratesDebnath, S; Pillay, K; Ghosh, UC; Maity, A
Jan-2015Enhanced adsorptive degradation of Congo red in aqueous solutions using polyaniline/Fe0 composite nanofibersBhaumik, M; McCrindle, RI; Maity, A
2013Exfoliated polypyrrole-organically modified montmorillonite clay nanocomposite as a potential adsorbent for Cr (VI) removalSetshedi, KZ; Bhaumik, M; Songwane, S; nyango, MS; Maity, A
Jan-2015Flocculation and adsorption properties of biodegradable gum-ghatti-grafted poly(acrylamide-co-methacrylic acid) hydrogelsMittal, H; Jindal, R; Kaith, BS; Maity, A; Ray, SS
Oct-2015Gum ghatti and poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) based biodegradable hydrogel-evaluation of the flocculation and adsorption propertiesMittal, H; Maity, A; Ray, SS
Feb-2016Gum karaya based hydrogel nanocomposites for the effective removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solutionsMittala, H; Maity, A; Sinha Sinha Ray, S
Aug-2012High efficient removal of chromium (VI) using glycine doped polypyrrole adsorbent from aqueous solutionBallav, N; Maity, A; Mishra, SB
Jan-2014Highly effective removal of toxic Cr(VI) from wastewater using sulfuric acid-modified avocado seedBhaumik, M; Choi, HJ; Seopela, MP; McCrindle, RI; Maity, A
Jul-2015High-performance towards removal of toxic hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution using graphene oxide-alpha cyclodextrin-polypyrrole nanocompositesChauke, VP; Maity, A; Chetty, A
Feb-2015Optimization and mechanism elucidation of the catalyticphoto-degradation of the dyes Eosin Yellow (EY) and Naphthol blueblack (NBB) by a polyaniline-coated titanium dioxide nanocompositeDebnath, S; Ballav, N; Nyoni, H; Maity, A; Pillay, K
Feb-2012Polymer/layered silicates nanocomposites for barrier technologyLabuschagne, PW; Moolman, S; Maity, A
Sep-2011Polymer-noble metal nanocomposites: ReviewFolarin, OM; Sadiku, ER; Maity, A
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