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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Annealing effect on the structural and optical properties of Cr/a-Cr2O3 monodispersed particles based solar absorbersKhamlich, S; McCrindle, R; Nuru, ZY; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
Jan-2013Annealing effect on the structural and optical properties of Cr/ -Cr2O3 monodispersed particles based solar absorbersKhamlich, S; McCrindle, R; Nuru, ZY; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
2012Black Cr/a-Cr2O3 nanoparticles based solar absorbersKhamlich, S; Nemraoui, O; Mongwaketsi, N; McCrindle, R; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
Jul-2013A classification and ranking system on the H2 gas sensing capabilities of nanomaterials based on proposed coefficients of sensor performance and sensor efficiency equationsMwakikunga, BW; Motshekga, S; Sikhwivhilu, L; Moodley, M; Scriba, M; Malgas, G; Simo, A; Maaza, M; Sinha Ray, S
Jul-2011Cr/alpha-Cr2O3 monodispersed spherical core-shell particles based solar absorbersKhamlich, S; Nuru, ZY; Nemutudi, R; Nemraoui, O; Roro, KT; Mongwaketsi, N; McCrindle, R; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
Dec-2011Electron spin resonance study of a-Cr2O3 and Cr2O3·nH2O quasi-spherical nanoparticlesKhamlich, S; Srinivasu, VV; Nemraoui, O; McCrindle, R; Cingo, N; Maaza, M
Dec-2014Femtosecond laser surface structuring and oxidation of chromium thin coatings: black chromium.Kotsedi, L; Nuru, ZY; Mthunzi, P; Muller, TFG; Eaton, SM; Julies, B; Manikandan, E; Ramponi, R; Maaza, M
Oct-2015Femtosecond laser surface structuring of molybdenum thin filmsKotsedi, L; Mthunzi, P; Nuru, ZY; Eaton, SM; Sechoghela, P; Mongwaketsi, N; Ramponi, R; Maaza, M
Aug-2015Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for sepia melaninMbonyiryivuze, A; Mwakikunga, B; Dhlamini, SM; Maaza, M
Jul-2012From phonon confinement to phonon splitting in flat single nanostructures: A case of VO2@V2O5 core–shell nano-ribbonsMwakikunga, BW; Maaza, M; Hillie, KT; Arendse, CJ; Malwela, T; Sideras-Haddadf, E
Nov-2009Influence of electrospinning parameters on the structural morphology and diameter of electrospun nanofibersJacobs, V; Anandjiwala, RD; Maaza, M
Jan-2010Ionic self-assembly of porphyrin nanostructures on the surface of charge-altered track-etched membranesMongwaketsi, N; Ndungu, PG; Nechaev, A; Maaza, M; Sparrow, R
Jul-2011Microstructure and spectral selectivity of Pt-AI203 nanocoatings for high temperature applicationsNuru, ZY; Khamlich, S; Roro, K; Muller, TFG; Arendse, CJ; Maaza, M
Jun-2015Morphological and chemical composition characterization of commercial sepia melaninMbonyiryivuze, A; Nuru, ZY; Ngom, BD; Mwakikunga, B; Dhlamini, SM; Park, E; Maaza, M
Aug-2015Nonlinear optical properties of natural laccaic acid dye studied using Z-scan techniqueZongo, S; Sanusi, K; Britton, J; Mthunzi, P; Nyokong, T; Maaza, M; Sahraoui, B
Jun-2015Nonlinear optical properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films doped with Bixa Orellana dyeZongo, S; Kerasidou, AP; Sone, B; Diallo, A; Mthunzi, P; Iliopoulos, K; Nkosi, M; Maaza, M; Sahraoui, B
Jun-2011Optimization of electrospinning parameters for chitosan nanofibresJacobs, V; Patnaik, A; Anandjiwala, RD; Maaza, M
Jan-2010Porphyrin nanorods characterisation for an artificial light harvesting and energy transfer systemMongwaketsi, N; Sparrow, R; Klumperman, B; Maaza, M
Sep-2014Porphyrin nanorods-polymer composites for solar radiation harvesting applicationsMongwaketsi, NP; Kotsedi, L; Nuru, ZY; Sparrow, R; Garab, G; Maaza, M
Sep-2014Submicronic VO2–PVP composites coatings for smart windows applications and solar heat managementMadida, IG; Simo, A; Sone, B; Maity, A; Kana Kana, JB; Gibaud, A; Merad, G; Thema, FT; Maaza, M
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27
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