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  • Ferreira, GJ; Andersson, HC; Corner, RA; Desmit, X; Fang, Q; De Goede, ED; Groom, SB; Gu, H; Gustafsson, BG; Hawkins, AJS; Hutson, R; Jiao, H; Lan, D; Lencart-Silva, J; Li, R; Liu, X; Luo, Q; Musango, JK; Nobre, AM; Nunes, JP; Pascoe, PL; Smits, JGC; Stigebrandt, A; Telfer, TC; De Wit, MP; Yan, X; Zhang, XL; Zhang, Z; Zhu, MY; Zhu, CB; Bricker, SB; Xiao, Y; Xu, S; Nauen, CE; Scalet, M (Institute of Marine Research, 2008)
    This book describes the approach and main result obtained in the Sustainable options for People, Catchment and Aquatic Resources (SPEAR) Project, together with complementary case studies focusing on realted work in China ...
  • Jayaramudu, J; Maity, A; Sadiku, ER; Guduri, BR; Rajulu, AV; Ramana, CHVV; Li, R (Elsevier, 2011-10)
    Natural cellulose fabrics were newly identified from the branches of the Cordia dichotoma. The structure of the fabrics was analysed by FTIR and X-ray diffraction. The net-like morphologies of the untreated, bleached and ...