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  • Kruger, FJ; Forsyth, GG; Kruger, LM; Slater, K; Le Maitre, David C; Matshate, J (2006-11)
    The risk associated with vegetation fires (veldfires) in South Africa is substantial, and veldfires cause severe losses to life, property and the environment in most areas of the country. However, this risk has two parts: ...
  • Hempson, GP; Archibald, S; Bond, WJ; Ellis, RP; Grant, CC; Kruger, LM; Kruger, FJ; Moxley, C; Owen-Smith, N; Peel, MJS; Smit, IPJ; Vickers, KJ (Wiley, 2014-09)
    Grazing lawns are a distinct grassland community type, characterised by short-stature and with their persistence and spread promoted by grazing. In Africa, they reveal a long co-evolutionary history of grasses and large ...