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  • Yue, C; Ciais, P; Cadule, P; Thonicke, K; Archibald, S; Poulter, B; Hao, WM; Hantson, S; Mouillot, F; Friedlingstein, P; Maignan, F; Viovy, N (Copernicus Publications, 2014)
    Fire is an important global ecological process that determines the distribution of biomes, with consequences for carbon, water, and energy budgets. The modelling of fire is critical for understanding its role in both ...
  • Schimel, DS; House, JI; Hibbard, KA; Bousquet, P; Ciais, P; Peylin, P; Braswell, BH; Apps, MJ; Baker, D; Bondeau, A; Canadell, J; Churkina, G; Cramer, W; Denning, AS; Field, CB; Friedlingstein, P; Goodale, C; Heimann, M; Houghton, RA; Melillo, JM; Moore, B; Murdiyarso, D; Noble, I; Pacala, SW; Prentice, IC; Raupach, MR; Rayner, PJ; Scholes, RJ; Steffen, WL; Wirth, C (Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2001-11-08)
    Knowledge of carbon exchange between the atmosphere, land and the oceans is important, given that the terrestrial and marine environments are currently absorbing about half of the carbon dioxide that is emitted by fossil-fuel ...