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  • Chapple, Stephen A; Ferg, E (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 2006-11)
    Cotton has many desirable properties, but is flammable. The flame retardant treatment of cotton is an important textile process. To study the effect of a sol-gel phosphate-based flame-retardant coating on fabric properties ...
  • Ferg, E; Gummow, RJ; De Kock, A; Thackeray, MM (Electrochemical Society Inc, 1994-11)
    Anodes of Li4Mn5O12, Li4Ti5O12, and Li2Mn4O9 with a spinel-type structure have been evaluated in room-temperature lithium cells. The cathodes that were selected for this study were the stabilized spinels, Li1.03Mn1.97O4 ...