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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010Acoustic modelling of Sepedi affricates for ASRModipa, T; Davel, M; De Wet, F
Nov-2012Acoustic model optimisation for a call routing systemKleynhans, N; Molapo, R; De Wet, F
Nov-2012Acoustic model optimisation for a call routing systemKleynhans, N; Molapo, R; De Wet, F
Jul-2015Afrikaans and Dutch as closely-related languages: A comparison to West Germanic languages and Dutch dialectsHeeringa, W; De Wet, F; Van Huyssteen, GB
Nov-2014Aligning Audio Samples from the South African Parliament with Hansard TranscriptionsKleynhans, N; De Wet, F
Nov-2009ASR performance analysis of an experimental call routing systemModipa, T; De Wet, F; Davel, M
Nov-2012Automatic alignment of audiobooks in AfrikaansVan Heerden, CJ; De Wet, F; Davel, MH
Nov-2014Capitalising on North American speech resources for the development of a South African English large vocabulary speech recognition systemKamper, H; De Wet, F; Hain, T; Niesler, T
Nov-2012Context-dependent modelling of English vowels in Sepedi code-switched speechModipa, TI; Davel, MH; De Wet, F
Aug-2011Developing a broadband automatic speech recognition system for AfrikaansDe Wet, F; De Waal, A; Van Huyssteen, GB
May-2016Developing speech resources from parliamentary data for South African englishDe Wet, F; Badenhorst, J; Modipa, T
Dec-2013A distributed approach to speech resource collectionMolapo, R; Barnard, E; De Wet, F
Dec-2013Implications of Sepedi/English code switching for ASR systemsModipa, TI; Davel, MH; De Wet, F
Feb-2013Lwazi II Final Report: Increasing the impact of speech technologies in South AfricaCalteaux, K; De Wet, F; Moors, C; Van Niekerk, D; McAlister, B; Grover, AS; Reid, T; Davel, M; Barnard, E; Van Heerden, C
May-2014The NCHLT speech corpus of the South African languagesBarnard, E; Davel, MH; Van Heerden, C; De Wet, F; Badenhorst, J
May-2014On using intrinsic spectral analysis for low-resource languagesSahraeian, R; Van Compernolle, D; De Wet, F
May-2012Quality measurements for mobile data collection in the developing worldBadenhorst, J; De Waal, A; De Wet, F
Aug-2011Readability index as a design criterion for elicited imitation tasks in automatic oral proficiency assessmentDe Wet, F; Muller, P; Van der Walt, C; Niesler, T
Nov-2012The relationship between automatic assessment of oral proficiency and other indicators of first year students' linguistic abilitiesDe Wet, F; Niesler, T; Van der Walt, C
May-2012Resource development and experiments in automatic SA broadcast news transcriptionKamper, H; De Wet, F; Hain, T; Niesler, T
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29
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