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  • Esser, MJD; Collett, O; Bollig, C (2010-10)
    The authors present a continuous-wave slab laser utilising both Ho:YLF and Ho:LuLF as laser gain media. 30 W of output power at 2 µm was demonstrated in a stable concave-plane resonator while 13 W was achieved in a hybrid ...
  • Koen, W; Jacobs, Cobus; Collett, O (2013-07)
    Laser sources emitting in the 2 micron region is of particular interest for applications in medicine, remote sensing (LIDAR) and directed infra-red countermeasures. In addition, they are also desirable pump sources for ...
  • Koen, W; Jacobs, Cobus; Collett, O; Esser, MJD (The Optical Society, 2013-10)
    A thulium fiber laser pumped Ho:YLF laser delivering 45.1 W in a near diffraction limited beam when pumped with 84.7 W is demonstrated. The optical-to-optical efficiency of 53 % compares favorably with similar Ho:YAG lasers.
  • Botha, RC; Strauss, HJ; Bollig, C; Koen, W; Collett, O; Kuleshov, NV; Esser, MJD; Combrinck, L; Von Bergmann, HM (Optical Society of America, 2013-03)
    A 1314 nm Nd:YLF laser was designed and operated both CW and passively Q-switched. Maximum CW output of 10.4 W resulted from 45.2 Wof incident pump power. Passive Q-switching was obtained by inserting a V:YAG saturable ...