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  • Ferreira, T.M; Billingham, P.A (1973)
    The difference between sound and noise varies from one human being to another. Noise, then, is simply unwanted sound and to understand how it can be combatted we must know more about its nature. A guide of acceptable levels ...
  • Cromarty, R.E; Billingham, P.A (NBRI/CSIR, 1985)
    Thousands of years ago primitive man made use of some of the colourful materials that he found around him to stain his body and clothing. He also decorated the walls of his cave with pictures of hunters and wild animals ...
  • Billingham, P.A (NBRI/CSIR, 1977)
    It has become fashionable to talk of 'energy crisis' but in fact there is still no shortage of energy - if one is prepared to pay the price. This situation, however, cannot continue indefinitely because our limited supplies ...
  • Lotz, F.J; Billingham, P.A (NBRI/CSIR, 1974)
    Too many people need to switch on the air-conditioning every time the sun comes up and light a fire as soon as it does down again. The sun is a wonderful source of energy that comes free of charge to all of us.