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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Biomass burning fuel consumption rates: a field measurement databaseVan Leeuwen, TT; Van der Werf, GR; Hoffmann, AA; Detmers, RG; Rücker, G; French, NHF; Archibald, S; Carvalho Jr, JA; Cook, GD; De Groot, WJ; Hély, C; Kasischke, ES; Kloster, S; McCarty, JL; Pettinari, ML; Savadogo, P; Alvarado, EC; Boschetti, L; Manuri, S; Meyer, CP; Siegert, F; Trollope, LA; Trollope, WSW
1-Sep-2010Calculating the variance and prediction intervals for estimates obtained from allometric relationshipsNickless, A; Scholes, RJ; Archibald, S
Sep-2013Changes in ground-based solar ultraviolet radiation during fire episodes: a case studyWright, CY; Archibald, S; Garland, RM; Naidoo, M; Frost, F; Phala, N
Nov-2010Climate and the inter-annual variability of fire in southern Africa: a meta-analysis using long-term field data and satellite-derived burnt area dataArchibald, S; Nickless, A; Govender, N; Scholes, RJ; Lehsten, V
Apr-2013Defining pyromes and global syndromes of fire regimesArchibald, S; Lehmann, CER; Gómez-Dans, JL; Bradstock, RA
2011Detecting inter-annual variability in the phenological characteristics of southern Africa’s vegetation using satellite imageryWessels, KJ; Steenkamp, K; Von Maltitz, G; Archibald, S
Nov-2012Do freeze events create a demographic bottleneck for Colophospermum mopane?Whitecross, MA; Archibald, S; Witkowski, EFT
Sep-2014Ecology of grazing lawns in AfricaHempson, GP; Archibald, S; Bond, WJ; Ellis, RP; Grant, CC; Kruger, LM; Kruger, FJ; Moxley, C; Owen-Smith, N; Peel, MJS; Smit, IPJ; Vickers, KJ
Apr-2013Evaluation of MODIS gross primary productivity for Africa using eddy covariance dataSjöström, M; Zhao, M; Archibald, S; Arneth, A; Cappelaere, B; Falk, U; De Grandcourt, A; Hanan, N; Kergoat, L; Kutsch, W; Merbold, L; Mougin, E; Nickless, A; Nouvellon, A; Scholes, RJ; Veenendaal, EM; Ardö, J
Jan-2012Evolution of human-driven fire regimes in AfricaArchibald, S; Staver, C; Levin, SA
2011Field determination of biomass burning emission ratios and factors via open-path FTIR spectroscopy and fire radiative power assessment: headfire, backfire and residual smouldering combustion in African savannahsWooster, MJ; Freeborn, PH; Archibald, S; Oppenheimer, C; Roberts, GJ; Smith, TEL; Govender, N; Burton, M; Palumbo, I
May-2013The fire-vegetation-climate system: how ecology can contribute to earth system scienceArchibald, S
Oct-2011Global extent and determinants of savanna and forest as alternative biome statesStaver, C; Archibald, S; Levin, SA
Jul-2009Identifying individual fires from satellite-derived burned area dataArchibald, S; Roy, DP
May-2009Influence of composite period and date of observation on phenological metrics extracted from MODIS dataWessels, KJ; Bachoo, AK; Archibald, S
Jul-2007Influence of using date-specific values when extracting phenological metrics from 8-day composite NDVI dataBachoo, A; Archibald, S
2007Leaf green-up in a semi-arid African savanna - separating tree and grass responses to environmental cuesArchibald, S; Scholes, RJ
Nov-2008Long-term phenology and variability of Southern AfricaSteenkamp, K; Wessels, K; Archibald, S; Von Maltitz, G
Nov-2008Managing the changing risk of fire in the South African landscapeVan Wilgen, BW; Archibald, S; Frost, P
Aug-2010Method for calculating the variance and prediction intervals for biomass estimates obtained from allometric equationsKirton, A; Scholes, B; Archibald, S
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