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  • Hecker, GFK; Van Zyl, MN; Wainwright, EJ; Goosen, P; Heydenrych, C (1997-09)
    The introduction of new factors of safety for winding ropes is accompanied with codes of practice for the design, operation and maintenance of winders and for the condition assessment of winder ropes. The studies undertaken ...
  • Van Zyl, MN (1997-11)
    This volume 2 of the GAP 324 report discusses the parts of the project that dealt with the sinking of very deep shafts, and an initial study into the behaviour of triangular strand ropes for deep shafts.
  • Hecker, GFK; Van Zyl, MN (1996-04)
    The steering committee on factors of safety of winder ropes has appointed a working group to draw up a set of proposals for changing the regulations governing the required rope strength in the Minerals Act. Certain research ...
  • Borrello, M; Van Zyl, MN; Wainwright, EJ (1996-04)
    Previous work which was carried out on splice demonstrated that the efficiency of this type of termination was sensitive to both rigger skill and operating loads. It was therefore suggested that future research should be ...