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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006BiodiversityScholes, RJ; Kuper, W; Biggs, R
3-Mar-2005Biodiversity intactness indexScholes, RJ; Biggs, R
Jul-2006Biodiversity intactness score for South AfricaBiggs, R; Reyers, B; Scholes, RJ
Nov-1995Burning of fuelwood in South Africa: when is it sustainable?Von Maltitz, GP; Scholes, RJ
1-Sep-2010Calculating the variance and prediction intervals for estimates obtained from allometric relationshipsNickless, A; Scholes, RJ; Archibald, S
Apr-2011Can linear trend analyses of NDVI time series data truly detect land degradation? Simulations may provide the answerWessels, KJ; Van den Bergh, F; Scholes, RJ; Miteffa, S
Mar-2004Canopy structure in savannas along a moisture gradient on Kalahari sandsScholes, RJ; Frost, PGH; Tian, Y
Feb-1996Can savannas help balance the South African greenhouse gas budget?Scholes, RJ; Bailey, CL
Nov-1995Carbon storage in eucalyptus and pine plantations in South AfricaChristie, SI; Scholes, RJ
Nov-2010Climate and the inter-annual variability of fire in southern Africa: a meta-analysis using long-term field data and satellite-derived burnt area dataArchibald, S; Nickless, A; Govender, N; Scholes, RJ; Lehsten, V
2-Nov-2001Climate change - Storing carbon on landScholes, RJ; Noble, IR
Nov-2003Conundrums in mixed woody-herbaceous plant systemsHouse, JI; Archer, S; Breshears, DD; Scholes, RJ
Dec-2003Convex relationships in ecosystems containing mixtures of trees and grassScholes, RJ
Jan-2008Designing protected areas to conserve riverine biodiversity: Lessons from a hypothetical redesign of the Kruger National ParkRoux, JR; Nel, JL; Ashton, PJ; Deacon, AR; de Moor, FC; Hardwick, D; Hill, L; Kleynhans, CJ; Maree, GA; Moolman, J; Scholes, RJ
8-Dec-2005Determinants of woody cover in African savannasSankaran, M; Hanan, NP; Scholes, RJ; Ratnam, J; Augustine, DJ; Cade, BS; Gignoux, J; Higgins, SI; Le Roux, X; Ludwig, F; Ardo, J; Banyikwa, F; Bronn, A; Bucini, G; Caylor, KK; Coughenour, MB; Diouf, A; Ekaya, W; Feral, CJ; February, EC; Frost, PGH; Hiernaux, P; Hrabar, H; Metzger, KL; Prins, HHT; Ringrose, S; Sea, W; Tews, J; Worden, J; Zambatis, N
Jul-2006Diversity without representationScholes, RJ; Loreau, M; Oteng-Yeboah, A; Arroyo, MTK; Babin, D; Barbault, R; Donoghue, M; Gadgil, M; Häuser, C; Heip, C; Larigauderie, A; Ma, K; Mace, G; Mooney, HA; Perrings, C; Raven, P; Sarukhan, J; Schei, P; Watson, RT
2009Drivers of inter-annual variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange in a semi-arid savanna ecosystem, South AfricaArchibald, SA; Kirton, A; Van Der Merwe, M; Scholes, RJ; Williams, CA; Hanan, N
Sep-1997Effects of global change on tropical ecosystemsScholes, RJ; Van Breemen, N
2008Elephant management: a scientific assessment of South AfricaScholes, RJ; Mennell, K
Mar-2011Estimation of net ecosystem exchange at the Skukuza flux site, Kruger National Park, South AfricaNickless, A; Archibald, SA; Van der Merwe, M; Scholes, RJ; Williams, CA; Hanan, N
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