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  • Holloway, Jennifer P; Ittmann, H; Greben, J; Elphinstone, C; Schmitz, Peter MU; de Villiers, R; Zaid, K (CSIR, 2009-04-23)
    As soon as the election results start coming in, a team of seven CSIR researchers will get to work to do election night forecasting. These scientists will use statistical modelling based on the first actual voting results ...
  • Green, Cheri A; Mans, Gerbrand G; Schmitz, Peter MU; McKelly, D; Te Water, M (University of the Free State (UoFS), 2014-05)
    Municipalities and metropolitan structures are required by law to provide sufficient response to emergency situations. In order to respond efficiently to disasters such as fire and flooding, it is necessary to place ...
  • Schmitz, Peter MU (2012-10)
    This talk will be on the use forensic geography in South African criminal court cases.
  • Krygsman, S; Schmitz, Peter MU (2006-02)
    Data needs of developing countries, particularly in terms of activity and travel data collection, are explored in this poster. This proof-of-concept study revealed that it is indeed possible to obtain detailed individual ...
  • Schmitz, Peter MU (CSIR, 2008-11)
    Use of GIS as a forensic tool to determine linkages and movement of criminals before during and after commiting crimes. Using cellular data to determine acticvity space and possible routes used by criminals
  • Schmitz, Peter MU; Marais, Mario A; De la Rey, A (2006-02)
    This is a concept poster which examines the use of supply chain management in planning and managing large or data-intensive Geographic Information System (GIS) projects. Current management models in GIS are either on an ...
  • Schmitz, Peter MU (2010-07)
    The SCOR model was used to plan and manage the production of a series of maps that were used in the Taliep Petersen murder case. The South African Police Force contracted the CSIR to create space-time maps using cellular ...