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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Silver nanoparticles decorated on a three-dimensional graphene scaffold for electrochemical applicationsBello, A; Fabiane, M; Dodoo-Arhin, D; Ozoemena, KI; Manyala, N
Jun-2015Solution-combustion synthesized aluminium-doped spinel (LiAl(subx)Mn(sub2-x)O(sub4) as a high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode materialKebede, MA; Phasha, MJ; Kunjuzwa, N; Mathe, MK; Ozoemena, KI
2014Solution-combustion synthesized nickel-substituted spinel cathode materials (LiNixMn2-xO4; 0≤x≤0.2) for lithium ion battery: enhancing energy storage, capacity retention, and lithium ion transportKebede, MA; Kunjuzwa, N; Jafta, CJ; Mathe, MK; Ozoemena, KI
Mar-2014Structural and electrochemical properties of aluminium doped LiMn2O4 cathode materials for Li battery: experimental and ab initio calculationsKebede, MA; Phasha, MJ; Kunjuzwa, N; Le Roux, LJ; Mkhonto, D; Ozoemena, KI; Mathe, MK
May-2014Studies on bare and Mg-doped LiCoO2 as a cathode material for lithium ion batteriesReddy, MV; Wei Jie, T; Jafta, CJ; Ozoemena, KI; Mathe, MK; Sree Kumaran Nair, A; Soon Peng, S; Sobri Idris, M; Balakrishna, G; Ezema, FI; Chowdari, BVR
Sep-2010Studies on the heterogeneous electron transport and oxygen reduction reaction at metal (Co, Fe) octabutylsulphonylphthalocyanines supported on multi-walled carbon nanotube modified graphite electrodeMamuru, SA; Ozoemena, KI; Fukuda, T; Kobayashi, N; Nyokong, T
Oct-2011Supercapacitive properties of symmetry and the asymmetry two electrode coin type supercapacitor cells made from MWCNTS/nickel oxide nanocompositeAdekunle, AS; Ozoemena, KI; Mamba, BB; Agboola, BO; Oluwatobi, OS
Jul-2011The surface orientation dependence of the pre-exponential factors extracted from the segregation profiles of a Cu(111/110) bi-crystalJafta, CJ; Roos, WD; Terblans, JJ; Asante, JKO; Ozoemena, KI
Jun-2010Synergistic enhancement of supercapacitance upon integration of nickel (II) octa[(3,5-biscarboxylate)-phenoxy] phthalocyanine with SWCNT-phenylamineAgboola, BO; Ozoemena, KI
Oct-2012Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Ni doped spinel LiNi (subx)Mn (sub2-x)O(sub)4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) cathode materials for Li-Ion batteryKebede, MA; Kunjuzwa, N; Ozoemena, KI; Mathe, MK
Aug-2012Synthesis, characterisation and electrochemical intercalation kinetics of nanostructured aluminium-doped Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O2 cathode material for lithium ion batteryJafta, CJ; Ozoemena, KI; Mathe, MK; Roos, WD
Jan-2013Synthesis of Pd-coated FeCo@Fe/C core-shell nanoparticles: microwave-induced ‘top-down’ nanostructuring and decorationFashedemi, OO; Julies, B; Ozoemena, KI
Sep-2015The synthesis of PdPt/carbon paper via surface limited redox replacement reactions for oxygen reduction reactionMotsoeneng, RG; Modibedi, RM; Mathe, MK; Khotseng, LE; Ozoemena, KI
Jul-2013Transition metal alloy-modulated lithium manganese oxide nanosystem for energy storage in lithium-ion battery cathodesWest, N; Ozoemena, KI; Ikpo, CO; Baker, PGL; Iwuoha, EI
Mar-2010Tuning the physico-electrochemical properties of novel cobalt (II) octa[(3,5-biscarboxylate)-phenoxy] phthalocyanine complex using phenylamine-functionalised SWCNTsAgboola, BO; Ozoemena, KI; Nyokong, T; Fukuda, T; Kobayashi, N
Dec-2010Voltammetric and impedimetric properties of nano-scaled -Fe2O3 catalysts supported on multi-walled carbon nanotubes: catalytic detection of dopamineAdekunle, AS; Ozoemena, KI
Showing results 70 to 85 of 85
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