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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013How water chemistry determines the risk of metallic engineered nanoparticles in aquatic ecosystems: nAg and nZnO case studyThwala, M; Musee, N; Sikhwivhilu, L; Wepener, V
Sep-2014The interactive influence of water chemistry and nanoparticle characteristics in determining the environmental fate of metal-based nanoparticles: a case of nAg and nZnOThwala, M; Radebe, N; Tancu, Y; Musee, N
Jan-2013Market dynamics as a driver towards the evolution of research needs; the case of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket seeding granulesMusee, N; Lorenzen, L
Nov-2014Monitoring fate and behaviour of Nanoceria under relevant environmental conditionsTancu, Y; Thwala, M; Musyoka, N; Musee, N
Sep-2009Nanotechnologies risk assessment: a perspective from developing countriesMusee, N
Aug-2011Nanotechnology risk assessment from a waste management perspective: Are the current tools adequate?Musee, N
Sep-2013The oxidative toxicity of Ag and ZnO nanoparticles towards the aquatic plant Spirodela punctuta and the role of testing media parametersThwala, M; Musee, N; Sikhwivhilu, L; Wepener, V
Aug-2013The oxidative toxicity of Ag and ZnO nanoparticles towards the aquatic plant Spirodela punctuta and the role of testing media parameters: Conference paperThwala, M; Musee, N; Sikhwivhilu, L; Wepener, V
May-2012Post engineered nanomaterials lifespan: nanowastes classification, legislative development/implementation challenges, and proactive approachesMusee, N
Nov-2011Potential risks of nanotechnology to humans and environment: implications and response mechanisms in AfricaMusee, N; Sikhwivhilu, L; Nota, N; Schaefer, L
Aug-2013Potential susceptibility inhibitory effect of Ag and ZnO engineered nanoparticles on bacterial strains: effect of pH and temperatureMboyi, A; Musee, N; Zvimba, JN; Momba, MNB
Aug-2009Qualitative and quantitative predictions of environmental exposure to nanomaterials from nanowaste streamsMusee, N
Jul-2012Relevance of nanotechnology to Africa: synthesis, applications and safetyMusee, N; Sikhwivhilu, L; Gulumian, M
Sep-2009Simple models for estimating nanomaterials accumulation in the environment: a case of JHBMusee, N; Nota, N
Sep-2011Simulated environmental risk estimation of engineered nanomaterials: a case of cosmetics in Johannesburg CityMusee, N
Apr-2010South African research agenda to investigate the potential environmental, health and safety risks of nanotechnologyMusee, N; Brent, AC; Ashton, PJ
Aug-2013The stability of Ag and ZnO engineered nanoparticles in Hoagland's nutrient water: the role of particle size and morphologyRadebe, N; Thwala, M; Cele, LM; Sikhwivhilu, L; Musee, N; Shumbula, P
Aug-2013Statistical modelling approach to derive quantitative nanowastes classification index; estimation of nanomaterials exposureNtaka, L; Musee, N; Das, S; Muzenda, E
1-Sep-2010Toxicity effects of Fe2O3, TiO2, ZnO, and Ag engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) on the macrophyte Spirodela speciesThwala, M; Musee, N; Wepener, V; Oberholster, P
Aug-2013The toxicity of oxidised DWCNTs to the aquatic organisms, and related causing mechanismsLukhele, LP; Musee, N; Wepener, V; Mamba, BB
Showing results 19 to 38 of 40
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