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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Seasonal precipitation forecast skill over IranShirvani, A; Landman, WA
Jun-2012Seasonal prediction for Southern Africa: Maximising the skill from forecast systemsLandman, WA
Jul-2014Seasonal rainfall predictability over the Lake Kariba catchment areaMuchuru, S; Landman, WA; DeWitt, D; Lötter, D
Apr-2012Seasonal rainfall prediction skill over South Africa: one- versus two-tiered forecasting systemsLandman, WA; Dewitt, D; Lee, D-E; Beraki, A; Lotter, D
Oct-2014Seasonal temperature prediction skill over Southern Africa and human healthLazenby, MJ; Landman, WA; Garland, RM; DeWitt, DG
Oct-2012A short-range ensemble prediction system for southern AfricaPark, R; Landman, WA; Engelbrecht, F
Sep-2010A short-range multi-model ensemble weather prediction system for South AfricaLandman, S; Engelbrecht, FA; Engelbrecht, CJ; Landman, WA; Dyson, L
Oct-2012A short-range weather prediction system for South Africa based on a multi-model approachLandman, S; Engelbrecht, FA; Engelbrecht, CJ; Dyson, LL; Landman, WA
Sep-2013Simulating suppressed and active convection periods during TOGA COAREBopape, M-JM; Engelbrecht, FA; Randall, DA; Landman, WA
Jan-2011South African mid-summer seasonal rainfall prediction performance by a coupled ocean-atmosphere modelLandman, WA; DeWitt, D; Beraki, A
Dec-2010South African seasonal rainfall prediction performance by a coupled ocean-atmosphere modelLandman, WA; DeWitt, D; Lee, D-E; Beraki, A; Lotter, D
Sep-2012Southern hemisphere climate variability as represented by an ocean-atmosphere coupled modelBeraki, A; Landman, WA; DeWitt, D
Oct-2014SST prediction methodologies and verification considerations for dynamical mid-summer rainfall forecasts for South AfricaLandman, WA; Beraki, A; DeWitt, D; Lötter, D
Sep-2013Statistical downscaling of multi-decadal climate change projections: Bridging the gap between climate models and the end-userLandman, WA; Engelbrecht, FA; Malherbe, J; Van der Merwe, J
Dec-2009Supercomputing for weather and climate modelling: convenience or necessityLandman, WA; Beraki, A; Engelbrecht, F; Landman, S
May-2015A synoptic decomposition of rainfall over the Cape south coast of South AfricaEngelbrecht, CJ; Landman, WA; Engelbrecht, FA; Malherbe, J
Sep-2013Towards a medium-range coastal station fog forecasting systemLandman, S; Marx, E; Landman, WA; Mason, SJ
Mar-2011Tropical systems from the southwest Indian Ocean making landfall over the Limpopo River Basin, southern Africa: a historical perspectiveMalherbe, J; Engelbrecht, FA; Landman, WA; Engelbrecht, CJ
Sep-2015Understanding of extreme temperature events by environmental health stakeholders in South AfricaJohn, J; Garland, RM; Landman, WA
Sep-2010Water satisfaction analysis for dryland maize production in FrankfortMoeletsi, ME; Walker, S; Hamandawana, H; Landman, WA
Showing results 52 to 71 of 71
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