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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2014Techniques to measure complex-plane fieldsDudley, A; Majola, N; Chetty, N; Forbes, A
Sep-2013Techniques to sort Bessel beamsDudley, A; Mhlanga, T; McDonald, A; Roux, FS; Lavery, M; Padgett, M; Forbes, A
Jul-2011Thermal damage study on diamond tools at varying laser heating time and temperature by Raman spectroscopy and SEMMasina, BN; Mwakikunga, BW; Elayaperumal, M; Forbes, A; Bodkin, R
Apr-2013Thermally induced damage studies with shaped lightMasina, BN; Mwakikunga, B; Forbes, A
Mar-2009Thermally induced defects in industrial diamondMasina, BN; Forbes, A; Ndwandwe, OM; Hearne, G; Mwakikunga, BW
2008Time-dependent analytical thermal model to investigate thermally induced stresses in quasi-CW-pumped laser rodsBernhardi, EH; Forbes, A; Bollig, C; Esser, MJD
Jun-2011Transverse correlation vanishing due to phase aberrationsGodin, T; Forbes, A; Naidoo, D; Fromager, M; Cagniot, E; Aït-Ameur, K
Nov-2011Transverse mode selection in a monolithic microchip laserNaidoo, D; Godin, T; Fromager, M; Cagniot, E; Passilly, N; Forbes, A; Aït-Ameur, K
Sep-2013Tuneable Gaussian to flat-top resonator by amplitude beam shapingNgcobo, S; Ait-Ameur, K; Litvin, I; Hasnaoui, A; Forbes, A
Feb-2014Tuneable Gaussian to flat-top resonator by amplitude beam shaping using a digital laserNgcobo, S; Ait-Ameur, K; Litvin, I; Hasnaoui, A; Forbes, A
Dec-2010Twisted lightForbes, A; Dudley, A; Roux, S
Sep-2013Two-photon optics of Bessel-Gaussian modesMcLaren, M; Romero, J; Padgett, MJ; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
Feb-2013Unraveling light with digital hologramsForbes, A; Schulze, C; Ngcobo, S; Flamm, D; Naidoo, D; Dudley, A; Duparre, M
Jul-2013Unravelling Bessel beams: PresentationMhlanga, T; Dudley, A; Lavery, M; Padgett, M; Forbes, A
Jun-2009Wave aberrations in a spinning pipe gas lensMafusire, C; Forbes, A; Michaelis, MM; Snedden, G
Aug-2012Wavefront reconstruction by modal decompositionSchulze, C; Naidoo, D; Flamm, D; Schmidt, OA; Forbes, A; Duparr, M
25-Sep-2014Wavefront sensing with all-digital Stokes measurementsDudley, A; Milione, G; Alfano, RR; Forbes, A
Jul-2010Wavelength-independent laser beam shapingDegama, MP; Forbes, A
Jul-2006Wavelength tuneable laser beam shaping opticsForbes, A; Du Plessis, A; Rohwer, EG
2014White light wavefront control with a spatial light modulatorSpangenberg, D-M; Dudley, A; Neethling, PH; Rohwer, EG; Forbes, A
Showing results 209 to 228 of 230
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