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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Scanning and transmission electron microscopy investigation of multiwall carbon nanotube/nickel oxide nanocomposite thin filmsRoro, KT; Mwakikunga, B; Tile, N; Forbes, A
2012Selection of a LGp0-shaped fundamental mode in a laser cavity: Phase versus amplitude masksHasnaoui, A; Godin, T; Cagniot, E; Fromager, M; Forbes, A; Ait-Ameur, K
May-2011Selective solar absorber coating research at the CSIR (South Africa)Roro, KT; Tile, N; Yalisi, B; De Gama, M; Wittes, T; Roberts, T; Forbes, A
Nov-2008Selective solar absorbers: A cost effective solution for access to clean energy in rural AfricaKatumba, G; Olumekor, L; Forbes, A
2009Self assembly and properties of C:WO3 nano-platelets and C:VO2/V2O5 triangular capsules produced by laser solution photolysisMwakikunga, BW; Forbes, A; Sideras-Haddad, E; Scriba, MR; Manikandan, E
Feb-2014Self-healing of quantum entanglement after an obstructionMcLaren, M; Mhlanga, T; Padgett, MJ; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
Sep-2012Shape invariant higher-order Bessel-like beams carrying orbital angular momentumIsmail, Y; Khilo, N; Belyi, V; Forbes, A
2010Shaping lightForbes, A; Long, C; Loveday, P; Litvin, I
Apr-2008Simulating atmospheric turbulence using a phase-only spatial light modulatorBurger, L; Litvin, IA; Forbes, A
Jul-2014Simulating quantum state engineering in spontaneous parametric down-conversion using classical lightZhang, Y; Mclaren, M; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
Aug-2014Simulating spontaneous parametric down-conversion using classical light: Conference paperZhang, Y; McLaren, M; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
May-2012Solar absorption and thermal emission properties of multiwall carbon nanotube/nickel oxide nanocomposite thin films synthesized by sol-gel processRoro, KT; Tile, N; Mwakikunga, B; Yalisi, B; Forbes, A
Jan-2008Solar selective absorber functionality of carbon nanoparticles embedded in SiO2, NiO and ZnO matricesKatumba, G; Makiwa, G; Olumekor, L; Forbes, A
Dec-2010Sol-gel fabrication and optical absorption properties of C-NiO nanocomposite coatingsTile, N; Roro, K; Forbes, A
Oct-2013Sorting and quantifying orbital angular momentum of laser beamsSchulze, C; Dudley, A; Flamm, D; Duparr, M; Forbes, A
Aug-2013Spatial properties of coaxial superposition of two coherent Gaussian beamsBoubaha, B; Naidoo, D; Godin, T; Fromager, M; Forbes, A; Aït-Ameur, K
Feb-2014Spatial superpositions of Gaussian beamsNaidoo, D; Godin, T; Fromager, M; Aït-Ameur, K; Forbes, A
Nov-2011Special features of local spatial spectrum of Bessel light beamsBelyi, VN; Kazak, NS; Khilo, NA; Forbes, A; Ropot, PI
Nov-2013Spinning pipe gas lens aberrations along the axis and in the boundary layerMafusire, C; Forbes, A
2008Spinning pipe gas lens revisitedMafusire, C; Forbes, A; Snedden, G; Michaelis, MM
Showing results 169 to 188 of 217
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