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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Amplitude damping of vortex modesDudley, A; Nock, M; Konrad, T; Roux, F; Forbes, A
2007Analysis of transverse field distributions in Porro prism resonatorsLitvin, IA; Burger, L; Forbes, A
Aug-2015Angular Accelerating White LightDudley, AL; Vette, C; Szameit, A; Forbes, A
Sep-2013Angular self-reconstruction of petal-like beamsLitvin, IA; Burger, L; Forbes, A
Jan-2013Antiferromagnetic–paramagnetic state transition of NiO synthesized by pulsed laser depositionNkosi, SS; Yalisi, B; Motaung, DE; Keartland, J; Sideras-Haddad, E; Forbes, A; Mwakikunga, BW
Jul-2012Azimuthal decomposition of optical modesDudley, A; Litvin, I; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
May-2012Azimuthal decomposition with digital hologramsLitvin, IA; Dudley, A; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
Aug-2014Azimuthal spectrum after parametric down-convertion with radial degrees of freedomZhang, Y; Roux, FS; McLaren, M; Forbes, A
Nov-2012Beam-quality measurements using a spatial light modulatorSchulze, C; Flamm, D; Duparré, M; Forbes, A
Jul-2013Bessel-Gaussian entanglement; presentationMclaren, M; Roux, FS; Forbes, A
May-2008Bessel–Gauss resonator with internal amplitude filterLitvin, IA; Forbes, A
Aug-2009Bessel-like beams with z-dependent cone anglesBelyi, VN; Forbes, A; Kazak, NS; Khilo, NA; Ropot, PI
Jul-2006Carbon-in-silica composite selective solar absorbers: a determination of composition and dielectic properties - SAIP PosterKatumba, G; Baisitse, T; Forbes, A; Olumekor, L; Wackelgard, E
Aug-2009Carbon-in-silica composite selective solar absorbers: a determination of composition and dielectric propertiesKatumba, G; Forbes, A
Sep-2010Carbon nanotube/nickel oxide nanocomposite thin films for selective solar absorberRoro, K; Mwakikunga, B; Forbes, A; Tile, N; Yalisi, B
Jul-2011Carbon-Nickel oxide nanocomposites: Preparation and charecterisationTile, N; Roro, K; Forbes, A
Jul-2006CFD model of a spinning pipe gas lensSnedden, GC; Forbes, A; Mahlatse, ACK; Mafusire, C; Michaelis, MM
2007Characterisation of a spinning pipe gas lens using a Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensorMafusire, C; Forbes, A; Snedden, G; Michaelis, MM
2008Characterisation of InAs-based epilayers by FTIR spectroscopyBaisitse, TR; Forbes, A; Katumba, G; Botha, JR; Engelbrecht, JAA
Apr-2013Characterization of high-dimensional entangled systems via mutually unbiased measurementsGiovannini, D; Romero, J; Leach, J; Dudley, A; Forbes, A; Padgett, MJ
Showing results 12 to 31 of 230
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