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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Comparison of classical and modern theories of longitudinal wave propagation in elastic rodsShatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Tenkam, HM; Marais, J
2006Dynamics and control of vibratory gyroscopes with special spherical symmetryShatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Joubert, S
Sep-2012Exact solutions and numerical simulation of longitudinal vibration of the Rayleigh-Love rods with variable cross-sectionsShatalov, M; Fedotov, I
Jul-2007Gyroscopic effects in vibrating fluid-filled spheres subjected to inertial rotationShatalov, MY; Joubert, SV; Coetzee, CE; Fedotov, I
Dec-2011Longitudinal vibration of isotropic solid rods: from classical to modern theoriesShatalov, M; Marais, J; Fedotov, I; Tenkam, MJ
2006Novel approach to the Helmholtz integral equation solution by Fourier series expansion for acoustic radiation and scattering problemsShatalov, MY; Fedotov, I; Joubert, S
Sep-2008Novel method of interpolation and extrapolation of functions by a linear initial value problemShatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Joubert, SV
Sep-2008Numerical computation of special functions with applications to physicsMotsepe, K; Fedotov, I; Shatalov, M; Joubert, SV
May-2006On dynamics and control of vibratory gyroscopes with special spherical symmetryShatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Joubert, S
2006One-dimensional diffusion model in an Inhomogeneous regionFedotov, I; Katskov, D; Shatalov, MY; Marais, J
May-2007On gyroscopic effects in vibrating and axially rotating solid and annular discsJoubert, SV; Fedotov, I; Pretorius, W; Shatalov, MY
Aug-2007On identification of dynamic system parameters from experimental dataShatalov, M; Fedotov, I
Sep-2012On the resonant behavior of longitudinally vibrating accreting rodsShatalov, M; Manzhirov, A; Fedotov, I
Sep-2008Parametric identification of the model with one predator and two prey speciesShatalov, M; Greeff, JC; Joubert, SV; Fedotov, I
May-2006Precession of elastic waves in vibrating isotropic spheres and transversely isotropic cylinders subjected to inertial rotationJoubert, S; Shatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Voges, E
Jul-2011Rayleigh-Love model of longitudinal vibrations of conical and exponential rods: Exact solutions and numerical simulation by the method of linesShatalov, M; Schiesser, W; Polyanin, A; Fedotov, I
Jul-2006Resonant vibrations and acoustic radiation of rotating spherical structures.Shatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Joubert, S
May-2006Scattering of obliquely incident standing wave by a rotating transversely isotropic cylinderShatalov, MY; Fedotov, I; Joubert, S
Sep-2008Solution of heat equation with variable coefficient using deriveLebelo, RS; Fedotov, I; Shatalov, M
Sep-2010A theory of longitudinally polarised piezocomposite rod based on Mindlin-Herrmann modelShatalov, M; Fedotov, I; Tenkam, HM; Fedotova, T
Showing results 6 to 25 of 25
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