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  • Forbes, A; Schulze, C; Ngcobo, S; Flamm, D; Naidoo, Darryl; Dudley, Angela L; Duparre, M (SPIE Proceedings, 2013-02)
    Modal decomposition of optical fields as a concept has been in existence for many decades, yet despite its clear applications to laser beam analysis it has nevertheless remained a seldom used tool. With the commercialization ...
  • Mhlanga, T; Dudley, Angela L; Lavery, M; Padgett, M; Forbes, A (2013-07)
    This study reports on the presentation of the 59th South African Institute of Physics Conference Unravelling Bessel beams.
  • Dudley, Angela L; Milione, G; Alfano, RR; Forbes, A (SPIE, 2014-09-25)
    A long-standing question in optics has been to efficiently measure the phase (or wavefront) of an optical field. This has led to numerous publications and commercial devices such as phase shift interferometry, wavefront ...
  • Spangenberg, D-M; Dudley, Angela L; Neethling, PH; Rohwer, EG; Forbes, A (Optical Society of America, 2014)
    Spatial light modulators are ubiquitous tools for wavefront control and laser beam shaping but have traditionally been used with monochromatic sources due to the inherent wavelength dependence of the calibration process ...