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  • Creedy, DP; Burton, C; Sharman, A; Phillips, HR; Alexander, JJ (2000-02)
    This is the second part of two part study examining the possibility of using naturally occurring methane-oxidising organising organisms to prevent the accumulation of flammable mixtures in sealed areas within coal mines. ...
  • Creedy, DP; Phillips, HR (1997-08)
    This report reviews the state of knowledge on the occurrence, investigation, detection, monitoring, prevention and dispensation of methane layers in coal mines. Mining practice throughout the world in respect of methane ...
  • Creedy, DP (1999-06)
    The primary aim of the project was to assess the current status of research on methane emission prediction for collieries in South Africa in comparison with methods used and advances achieved elsewhere in the world.
  • Hardman, DR; Creedy, DP; Phillips, HR (2001-06)
    Many South African coal mines contain large areas sealed off from the mine ventilation. These areas contain an atmosphere sampled only at or near the seals. The research described in this report was commissioned to examine ...